Last updated at Wed, 25 Oct 2017 19:41:58 GMT

We are happy to announce that we extended our UI with real-time view of incoming log entries. You’ll find this feature – commonly called as tailing – useful especially as you debug the code or track particular transactions.

Our live feed is integrated within current Entries tab. You can work in three simple modes – History, Live, and Paused.

Log Entries and Management; History View

In History mode, you work as usual. Search is performed over the selected time period. The time period is fixed and does not change.

Log Entries and Management; Live View

By clicking on Live button, you switch the view to display incoming entries – a Live mode. New log entries are displayed at the bottom while older entries are shifted up. This achieves normal readability of the data.

Log Entries and Management; Pause View

If you find something useful and don’t want to be distracted with new log entries, switch to Paused mode by clicking on the Pause button. New entries won’t be displayed.

Keep in mind our live feed is currently in a beta. We are constantly iterating and improving the service. If you find any find rough edges just let us know. We love to hear your feedback.