Last updated at Thu, 26 Oct 2017 17:48:59 GMT

This week Logentries announced the closing of our Series A investment of $10m from our investors (and more importantly our partners) Polaris, Floodgate, Frontline and RRE, and the addition of Andrew Burton as CEO to our team.

However, it wasn’t long ago that Viliam (my co-founder; photo of us below) and I walked into Neary’s pub in the heart of Dublin to discuss the idea of democratizing log data…

Logentries Management Team

It was January of 2010, Viliam and I had both spent almost 10 years building system monitoring technologies and researching distributed systems. We had built transaction tracing tools (not unlike New Relic today) and memory analyzers – and spent a lot of time looking at system log data. One thing we had found intriguing was that log data was in abundance in almost every organization, from small to large, and it contained extremely valuable “little insights” which could help those organizations for a range of different tasks. Yet there was no accessible technology to allow people to easily expose these insights.

So that’s exactly what we set out to do: unlock the power of log data for everyone; for the individual developer, for the SME and for the team within a larger organizations that want a solution that works out of the box…a solution where you don’t have to spend a week setting it up or need a PhD to learn how to use it. Viliam and I have both already been down the PhD route and we’d like to think that we did it so you don’t have to… 😉

That brings us to today, three years later, we have been though the angel, seed and series A rounds (see below for the company trajectory) and have been joined by a fantastic team of passionate developers and researchers, from leading European universities & research centers, to help us with our cause.

Log data has also become that fastest growing data source at organizations today. Competing solutions still require PhD level skills to use (e.g. check out this 70 page user manual on setting up alerts …) and logs, now more than ever, are one of the most valuable raw materials that every organization and developer can use to their advantage.

Logentries is here to help you. Whether you are an individual practitioner, a student or a performance expert in my former lab at IBM, we are here to help you easily consume and understand your machine or log data.

As we move forward and continue to pursue our mission, and on behalf of everyone on our rapidly growing team at Logentries, I want to thank all of our users and supporters. We look forward to the coming months and years and to helping many more of you to unlock the power of your logs.