Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 17:45:07 GMT

As ControlsInsight starts reporting on 100's and 1000's of assets, it becomes a tedious task to locate few assets that were recently managed by the IT admins. To make life easier, ControlsInsight provides a search box on the top right side that let you search for assets. The cool thing about ControlsInsight is that it performs an universal search matching the search string with all the available parameters including IP, asset name, user and system.

Search by IP

Assets can be searched either by entering a full IP with all 4 octets to find the exact asset or enter a partial IP and find all the assets that match the given sequence. For e.g. in the below example to find all the exact match, enter the IP address and click on search button, as shown below –

To search for assets that match first three octets - 10.4.28

Search by "Asset name"

ControlsInsight can also search for assets based on the NETBIOS or the HOSTNAME of the assets. For e.g. as shown below, the below example displays all the assets with the name containing “NORTON”

Search by "Last logged-on user"

Another interesting way to search for an asset is by using the username that last logged into that asset. For e.g. in a scenario where an IT administrator with user id as “user” (a very dumb username) recently logged into some assets and applied few security guidance's. The easiest way to search for those would be using the username “user” as shown below. Because the search is universal, if the asset name contains a string "user" it will also be shown -

Search by "Operating system"

Yet another cool way to search for assets is by using the operating system name. Let's say the IT administrator recently upgraded some assets to windows 8 and would like to monitor the deployment of controls, then all the admin had to do is to enter “windows 8” in the search box and click on search. The below screenshot shows the result -

Things to remember

  • The searches are case in-sensitive
  • Regular expression search strings are not supported
  • IPv6 searches are not supported
  • IP search using CIDR notation is not supported