Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 14:27:10 GMT

In 2013 Q4, ControlsInsight is going to enable customers to reassess their sites based on the changes on the site-import screen.

Currently, when customers need to generate a new assessment based on the newly selected or deselected sites, they need to perform a scan on Nexpose.  But with this new feature, when customer clicks on “save” after new selections a new assessment is triggered on ControlsInsight.

Use Case: Customer would like to generate new assessments based on new site selections

By default, ControlsInsight imports all sites, so when a customer has two sites “Site1 ad Site2” both of them are selected as shown in the screenshot below

If the customer wants to perform a new assessment based on just “Site2” then he/she has to deselect Site1 and click on “Save” button as shown in the screenshot below

Clicking the “Save” button triggers an assessment. The button is greyed out till the assessment completes. Once the assessment is complete, the customer can go to the “threats” page to look at the new assessment.

Note: If the customer happens to navigate to “threats” page when the “save” button is still greyed out, he has to refresh the threats page to get the new assessment.