Last updated at Mon, 27 Nov 2017 19:16:17 GMT

What is OpsStream?

OpsStream is a new service provided by Logentries that collects information about AWS services such as EC2, EBS, RDS, CloudWatch, Trusted Advisor*, CloudTrail*, etc. and routes this information into your Logentries account along with all your system and application logs. Once you signup for OpsStream, data containing status, usage & user/API activity information of your AWS services are streamed to your Logentries account, and can be easily analysed and searched like with any other logs have configured with Logentries.

What is OpsStream useful for?

OpsStream makes it possible to combine log data coming from your EC2 instances with data coming from AWS, including CloudWatch, the Amazon APIs and the recently announced CloudTrail. OpsStream makes it possible to easily correlate resource usage (e.g. high cpu utilization), Trusted Advisor recommendations, infrastructure changes (e.g. starting and stopping instances) and user activity (e.g. user X killed instance Y) with information coming from application log files (e.g. a sudden increase in application exceptions).

OpsStream gives you a single location where you can store, analyze and correlate information from your system and application logs, with resource usage information as well as any user activity at the infrastructure level. This allows for more informed troubleshooting and monitoring as well as a way to track user activity e.g. for security and compliance along with utilization and cost saving recommendations.

How do I signup to OpsStream?

OpsStream is available to Logentries users and is in private beta. Simply register for our OpsStream Beta program from the AWS tab on your account page. We will then activate OpsStream for your account. You will then be able to signup for OpsStream, providing your AWS IAM credentials. OpsStream only requires read-only access to your AWS data. So we strongly recommend that you provide Logentries with Read-Only access credentials (

Signup here to become a Logentries user and get access to register for OpsStream.


How does it work?

While log data is usually forwarded from log files located on your EC2 instances into Logentries, OpsStream periodically pulls data from your AWS account (via a number of AWS APIs) and forwards it to your Logentries account. There is nothing to install. Simply provide your Read-Only AWS credentials from your Logentries account. A new Host and Log will be automatically created for you and your AWS data will automatically be forwarded to them! You can then enjoy all of Logentries features such as search, tags and alerts on your AWS data! Get the OpsStream documentation here.

*Support for CloudTrail & Trusted Advisor coming soon!