Last updated at Wed, 30 Aug 2017 00:40:54 GMT

It's that time of year again: After months of nail-biting across the security industry, SC Magazine has announced the finalists for its 2013 Reader Trust Awards.

Not only is Rapid7 Nexpose once again in the running for Best Vulnerability Management Solution, but our two newest offerings are also first-time contenders: Rapid7 ControlsInsight and Rapid7 UserInsight could take top honors for Best Risk/Policy Management Solution and Best Cloud Security Solution, respectively.

We're super excited, of course, because:

  1. SC Magazine readers believe in Rapid7 and our solutions enough to vote us into the final round (yay!).
  2. ControlsInsight and UserInsight were only released last August, and it's great to get such strong recognition for products when they're so recently out of the starting gate.

Here at Rapid7, we feel like proud parents. ControlsInsight and UserInsight have been sparked enthusiasm ever since we unveiled them at UNITED 2013. That very same week, Network World named ControlsInsight a product of the week and CSO Magazine interviewed Lee Weiner, SVP of products and engineering about the news.

Lots of headline-grabbing stuff has happened in the security industry since then, too -- a lot of which has only underscored the importance of these two products. Some examples: In September, a new IE 0-day drove users and administrators to act quickly to mitigate risk. Luckily, ControlsInsight has checks for the presence and configuration of EMET, and can assess the presence of the workaround. In October, a survey of federal security professionals and end users underscored the very real threat of user-based risk – a key factor in the creation of UserInsight. That same month, NIST defined four tiers of security readiness. In the lowest tier, “risk is managed in an ad hoc and sometimes reactive manner” – driving home why ControlsInsight and Nexpose are better together if you want a complete picture of security risks. Not long afterwards, a study on browser security highlighted why it's important to keep browsers up-to-date (thank you, ControlsInsight!). More recently, reports have surfaced that a clever phishing scam may hit the US, proving yet again why it's a good idea to integrate Metasploit Pro with UserInsight.

So what's next? Now we wait until February, when SC Magazine will announce the winners.

If you're hungry for more info, register for our upcoming webinar on November 21: “You Can't Control It, But You Can Secure It: Cloud Monitoring That Makes Sense.”