Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:45:27 GMT

As Christian Kirsch wrote earlier this month, SAP system hacking has gone mainstream. This isn't surprising, considering ERP systems are treasure troves of financial, customer, employee and production data – but how do you secure them against attackers?

On December 3rd at 12pm ET Rapid7 security researcher Juan Vazquez will host a panel of experts for a tweet chat to discuss trends in SAP system hacking and how to test whether these systems could be penetrated by an attacker. To participate (or lurk silently, if that's your thing), follow the hashtag #pwnSAP.

New to the whole tweet chat thing? Just use your Twitter credentials to log into our chat room and view the conversation in real-time.

We'll also be recapping the discussion on SecurityStreet, so be sure to check back here after it wraps.