Last updated at Thu, 26 Oct 2017 20:11:03 GMT

Here at Logentries we have been hard at work developing an improved and more powerful version of our product by making it possible for you to manage your monitoring functionality at a global level so that you can more easily assign tags and alerts across your systems.

Shortly we will be releasing this new and enhanced Tags and Alerts functionality which now gives you the ability to assign a Tag or an Alert to an individual, multiple or even all your log files in a single action.

This enhancement makes it possible for you to quickly create or update tags and alerts from a single location that can then be applied to either a single log, multiple logs or right the way through to your the whole system – you decide since you have the control.

You will still be able to create new alerts and tags at an individual log level from within the log view. But now you can create, edit and delete from this global point without of having to iterate though the individual logs.

This global control of tags and alerts for all your logs and hosts is delivered through an easy to use interface.  This refined overview will give you an instant snapshot of your monitoring set-up over all your logs on the system allowing you to quickly identify any gaps or missing tags/alerts.

You still have the same incredibly useful text, regular expression pattern matching and even the ability to have comparison operators examining field values within a log, as well as all the same great notification channels available on an alert:

  • email
  • iPhone App
  • Web Hook

So wherever you are, should any issues arise in your log files you know you will be notified in seconds.

We are very excited about this enhanced functionality and believe that it will make our system a more powerful and a better tool in helping you administer and ensure you get the most from your log files.

We are going to continue to evolve and refine this functionality over the few months so don’t be surprised if it just gets better and more powerful.

But remember – “With great power comes great responsibility”.