Last updated at Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:18:10 GMT

In Nexpose 5.8 you'll notice a useful change in design. The Administration page has been redesigned as part of Rapid7's effort to make Nexpose more intuitive and easier to use.

Upon accessing the new Administration page you will notice logical groups of the administrative components of Nexpose, with the most commonly used functions front and center.

Use keyboard shortcuts to access every function: just type the underlined letter of the group (U for Users) then the underlined letter for the function (C for Create) and you'll jump right to adding a new user. It's incredibly faster, keeps your fingers on the keyboard and saves time whenever you use the product– making it feel a lot snappier.

This new design is part of the modern, simple, and user-centric design approach Rapid7 will be rolling out throughout the product to make your experience more productive than ever before.

What else would make your Nexpose experience faster and easier? Share your thoughts below.