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This is the list of PCI 30 seconds newsletters published so far. If you like them, please tell us, share them, follow me on twitter or linkedin to not miss the next ones. Suggest some topics you would like to see addressed. If you don't like them, tell us how we could enhanced them.

#1 - PCI what are you talking about?

#2 - Payment processing terminology and workflow

#3 - Distributing roles

#4 - Merchant levels

#5 - What is your type?

#6 - PCI DSS in a nutshel

#7 - Define the scope of an assessment

#8 - Certification program, striving for quality

#9 - The validation toolbox

#10 - Prioritized Approach

#11 - Tokenization

#12 - the gap analysis process

#13 - Compensating controls, magic trick or mirage?

#14 - The world is not perfect

#15 - Nice Look!

#16 – Is your organization behaving like a fashion victim or a clown?

#17 – Why are my scan reports so thick? - Impact of "potential" vulnerabilities

#18 – What to do if compromised?

#19 - Your PCI Logbook. What's required in terms of Log management?

#20 – PCI DSS and SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls: The Sumo match.

#21 - Qualified internal staff using appropriate scanning tools. What does that mean?

#22 - Don't get lost in translation with Executives. Get them listening.

#23 – Introduction to Risk Assessment

#24 - PCIco strengthens the scoping rules

#25 - A New Standard is Born.

#26 - PCIP is it worth it?

#27 -Static versus Active Protection Systems. What Impact on Quarterly Scans?

#28 - The PCI Library - What docs are required for compliance?

#29 - Do all PCI DSS requirements apply?

#30 - Trainings your organization must deliver to comply with PCI DSS

#31 - PCI DSS Crypto-framework

#32 - Money for nothing

#33 - Key take-away from the PCI Community meeting 2013

#34 - PCI DSS Version 3 Changes and Impact - Should You Care?

#35 - Patch Management - How to comply with PCI?

#36 - Control your privileged accounts - How to contain the “Keys to the kingdom” problem

#37 - And PCI Said "Get-Pentested"


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