Last updated at Mon, 30 Oct 2017 17:59:40 GMT

We’ve had a lot of users ask for third-party integrations for our Tags & Alerts lately…so we delivered! You can now configure your Logentries Alerts to be sent to Campfire, HipChat, and PagerDuty, plus there’s plenty more to come.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire
This allows our users to easily aggregate alerts from across their stack into a centralized forum that they can share with their team.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire


Let’s look at how to configure each of these services, we’ll start with Campfire.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire As you can see above, you need to enter some parameters to connect Logentries to your Campfire account:

  1. Your subdomain is where your Campfire account is hosted, it will look like the following URL in your browser. -
  2. Your Room ID is the Campfire room you want to send the alerts to. It is usually a 6 digit number in the following format:- where “588022” is the room ID.
  3. You can get your API Token by selecting My Info in the header of your Campfire account, simply copy and paste the key here.

Once you have those 3 parameters, simply create or update your Alert and you will start receiving alerts directly into your Campfire room.


Now lets look at PagerDuty.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire
There are 2 parameters that are required to integrate with PagerDuty:

  1. To create a Service Key, go to the Services Tab in your PagerDuty account and Add a new Service with the below options, you can choose your own escalation policy or simply use Default if you don’t have one.
  2. Once created, copy and paste the Service API Key that you were given.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire
For the description, simply provide a brief description of what you’re alerting for your own benefit when viewing the alerts on PagerDuty. Once you have done that, create or update your Alert and you will start receiving alerts directly into your PagerDuty dashboard.


Last but not least, we have HipChat.

HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire
HipChat requires 2 parameters for us to send alerts to your account:

  1. In your HipChat Account Settings, select API Access and create a v2 token as shown below, then copy and paste the token you are given:
    HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire
  2. The name of your HipChat room as it appears in the Web Interface sidebar, including spaces if they exist. For example, “My Room”.

With that done, create or update your Alert and you will start receiving alerts directly into your HipChat room.

We are happy to announce these integrations, but they are only the start. We are working to broaden our out-of-the-box integrations as well as provide a facility for the community to contribute their own, similar to what you may find with GitHub’s excellent service hooks.