Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 19:18:26 GMT

Welcome back, Whiteboard Wednesday Fans!

Were you able to check out our Whiteboard Wednesday last week? Our very own Bill Bradley discusses how you can significantly cut down on the time spent on vulnerability management every month. Specifically, he discusses the various technologies that exist today that will help you, as a user, cut down on the amount of time needed to properly scan and remediate the vulnerabilities that are most pressing in your environment.

Awesome topic, right?

If you're like most of the security teams out there - you're understaffed. You're overworked. You're spending all your time being very reactive, and you need to get as much time back as possible today in order to start being proactive tomorrow.

We've talked to most of our customers, and they all agree - that when they're using the cheaper tools out there, they are getting results. The problem is, those results are just as valuable as the tools themselves. The price point is great, however the granularity of the reporting just isn't there, resulting in a lot of time spent investigating and remediating. If you are a current Nessus user or simply interested in the topic, check out this customer story of ours where a current customer of Rapid7 saves 140 hours a month on vulnerability management after switching.

Also, if you are interested int trying Nexpose, check out our free, full featured, 14-day trial here - Nexpose Enterprise Trial | Rapid7