Last updated at Mon, 30 Oct 2017 19:01:09 GMT

One customer recently summed up our service, “With Logentries I don’t have to SSH to a server to get logs and debug a problem, it’s easy to get to the logs.  No need for remote desktop or anything like that…Easy peasy!”

Logentries, easy log managementI love this description because it is exactly what we intended. While we may not have used those words, we are on a mission to deliver the easiest, most accessible log management and analytics solution in the market. And, the best part is we are offering it for free!

As we’ve continued to build out the value of the free service, with a full set of capabilities that we believe provide tremendous value, including rich search, custom tagging, real-time alerting, LiveTail, and unlimited users, I’m often asked why are we giving it away for free?

To answer the question, I believe it’s important to first understand our users.

With more than 25,000 users, in over 100 countries, we have users in early stage start-ups, small teams working in emerging companies, and Fortune 500 companies.  Some run their apps in the cloud, others are responsible for significant IT investments within data centers.  Most have a mixture of apps and systems, running on various platforms, with no two environments the same.

And yet, we all share a common bond: We all view logs as valuable data, with deep, valuable insights often locked inside.  These insights can be the key to keeping systems running, troubleshooting a potential issue, debugging a nasty bug, analyzing user behavior, tracking down a security vulnerability, and much, much more.

There are multiple log management tools available, some free, some manual, some open source, and some proprietary.  However, there is one basic assumption all the options share, regardless of their nature.  It’s the assumption that the value provided by their use outweighs any cost associated with learning how to use them, or any investment required to access them.

So for us, it’s rather simple, our best customers try our service for free.  If they like it they buy it. If they don’t, we hope they’ll use the free version.  And, as of today, if you are loving the service, we want you to share it with your friends and get more free data sent available to you! With today’s introduction of our new referral program, users have the opportunity to send up to 5 gigabytes of data per month, and have their log data automatically retained for up to 7 days.  All for free.