Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 18:12:12 GMT

Today I am announcing that I have joined the Rapid7 team as Vice President of Strategic Services. This is a brand new position leading a brand new team within the company. I'll be located in Chicago building a global practice to provide Rapid7's clients with a new and unique set of services to enable their security executives and teams to make strategic decisions to dramatically improve the ways they solve the problems they face today and will face in the future.


I made the decision to join Rapid7 after meeting and having great discussions with the team that Corey Thomas has built. I met people who were passionate about helping their customers, who are excited about the company, and energized by the opportunity they had to drive the security market in a direction that we all want to see it go – one that is focused on building sets of solutions and services that will provide trustworthy and actionable information to the people who need it most.


To me, the most important aspects of a job are the culture and people that support it. Trey Ford ( treyford) introduced me to the Rapid7 team just a few weeks ago. He raved to me about how incredible the people were and how exited he was at being part of the team. After several phone calls and a trip to Boston, I realized that he wasn't exaggerating. I met a team that was completely aligned in their goals and mission while extremely conscious of ensuring that the individuals on their teams enjoyed the work they do and the environment in which they work.


I am also very passionate about security community involvement. From Rapid7's support of community events, such as the Security BSides events, to the development of Metasploit, to their efforts working to preserve security research, I am excited to be joining an organization that sees community support as a vital part of their success, not just an add-on effort.


Now comes my recruiting pitch: If you are interested in working with me and getting in on the ground floor of something very unique and exciting, please reach out. My team will be made of people who can wear multiple hats, are passionate about security, and enjoy inventing solutions to complex problems. We'll be advising clients on strategic direction, helping them with technical issues, and also incubating solutions for Rapid7's early adopter clients that will solve problems where no solutions exist in the security marketplace today.


The last several months I have been on a journey to understand what truly drives my interests and passion. Today, I am excited to be able to call Rapid7 home.