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Here at Logentries, customer care is not optional. We support all of our customers, whether they’re paying subscribers or users of our free service.

The Logentries team is extremely passionate about the power of log data and the impact the insights derived from log data can have on development, IT and business operations. As part of our mission, we’re working hard to make log data and these insights accessible to virtually anyone. Over the past several months we’ve released a number of new capabilities, including S3 archiving, global tags and alerts, logging directly from iOS, Android, HTML 5 and Windows phone apps, integrations to HipChat, PagerDuty, and Campfire; custom log aggregation & grouping, and many other additional improvements to existing capabilities.
We are committed to Customer Success

However, in every case, we were not working alone. More than 25,000 customers have helped us along the way. Directly or indirectly, our customers are helping us to build the best, most popular and largest log management and real-time analytics service possible.

How does this relate to customer care, and why we support all of our customers, whether they’re paying subscribers or not? New feature ideas, architectural improvements, scalability initiatives, customer setup enhancements, building a better business — these are all rooted in helping us better understand and meet the needs of our customers. We support our customers not only because we want them to be equally passionate about their log data as we are, and to find the value they need from their logs, but to also help us improve Logentries to increase the likelihood they’ll be successful.

If you need help, or have a question, we want to hear from you. If you’re looking at how to log events in the browser using our Javascript logger, we want to hear from you. Or, if you’re logging within an environment with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (originally released in February of 2000) and Macromedia JRun (originally developed in 1997), we are here to help.   If we were only helping paying customers, not only would that be incredibly short-sighted, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to fully understand the needs of our community members and how to better support them.

[We recently welcomed Tom Smit on board as our Director of Customer Success ]((/2014/04/logentries-customer-success/). I’ve known Tom for years and I’m very excited to have him on our team. However, Customer Success and Customer Care is not just Tom’s job. He leads our efforts, but every team member here at Logentries ultimately has responsibility for helping our customers to become successful. If you want help, have a question or just want to give us feedback you can reach me at Tom can be contacted at; Trevor, our Co-founder and Chief Scientist, he’s at; and Leigh, our VP of Marketing is at

Get in touch with anyone on the Logentries team.

Alternatively, just send a note to We use Zendesk, carefully track our customer care metrics, ensure our support tickets are answered in a timely fashion, and engage with users via Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. But sometimes, a simple email asking for help can be the easiest route.

Let us know, we’re listening.