Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 17:27:05 GMT

Happy Friday, Federal friends. We're making the hard push for Summah, supposedly.

While there are always topics I can find and write on each week, and there were some good things that came out this week, I wanted to take a step back today. This weekend, although considered by many to be the start of summer, actually is intended for us all to give thanks to those that keep us safe from threats; foreign and domestic. Most of us in security these days barely have enough time to think about lunch, let alone reflect on what the men and women of our armed forces have done, and continue to do for us. I invite you to take a moment this afternoon, and especially this weekend, to think about our service members both past and present. Military service in my family goes very far back. All the way back to the Revolutionary War, both sides of the Civil War, and every major conflict in between as it does for most Americans with deeper roots. It's important to note that without the sacrifice of our ancestors, our lives in America today would be dramatically different. So if you see a Veteran make sure you offer a warming handshake (or hug), look them in the eyes, and give a heart-felt thank you.






General Alexander Schimmelpfennig (Civil War)