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Hi, I'm Kelly Garofalo – you may know me as the voice of the moderator in most of our security webcasts. (You know, the one that tells you about how you can snag CPE credits for joining us and sends you a nice follow-up so that you can access more wonderful webcasts and content.) I'm excited to bring you the top takeaways from our recent webcast, “9 Top Takeaways from the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report” (Essentially this is a TL;DR of our TL;DR webinar for this year's report.) If you are interested in learning about data breach trends you should be aware of, keep reading!

In our May 22 webinar we heard from Nicholas J. Percoco (VP of Strategic Services at Rapid7) and Lital Asher-Dotan (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7) about the most significant findings from the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Some key takeaways for attendees from the live broadcast were:

  • Creds, creds, creds! – As emphasized by the very recent eBay data breach; stolen credentials are a fast-growing trend. When attackers are logging in using a legitimate username and password, they are very difficult to detect, so it is more important than ever to have visibility into normal user behavior so that the misuse of credentials is easy to hone in on as soon as unusual behavior is observed.
    • *It's very important to ensure users NEVER re-use passwords since compromised credentials in one breach could means their information can be compromised anywhere else those credentials are in use.
  • Attackers are getting more and more sophisticated – Attacker methods are evolving as quickly as security programs and technologies are evolving. Attackers are leaving less of a signature on networks and are creating increasingly tailored and realistic methods of targeting users. When an attacker understand someone's typical conversations and interaction patterns, it becomes very easy to get a click from a user – as their emails and websites look completely legitimate! And this one click can be all they need to infiltrate a network.
  • Patterns are key – 95% of breaches that have ever happened follow 9 specific patterns, so all organizations must examine these patterns alongside their security programs to find out where gaps might be and immediately fill them.

To learn more about how you should be bolstering your security program to avoid falling prey to common attack methodologies - view the recording of this webcast on demand now!

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