Last updated at Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:00:17 GMT

I recently had a chance to sit down with Joe Leavitt, Director of Infrastructure and Technology Products at Diamond Game to chat about how he is using Logentries today to monitor and manage his business. Diamond Game is a Class II gaming, Class III gaming and LT-3 ITVM manufacturer that also designs and services the games and the machines that they run on.   Their machines and games are often found in commercial casinos, racetracks, and bingo markets.

Diamond game uses Logentries for log management

Diamond Game had been working closely with multiple state lottery commissions to bring their machines and games to the masses.   One of the more stringent requirements from the state lottery commissions is that everything within the machines and the games must be logged and maintained for an extended amount of time.  Joe knew that using a log management and analytics service  was crucial to ongoing expansion of his business and compliance with the state lottery regulations

He shared with us his criteria for a log management provider which, above all else, were two things:

  1. Ease of use/set-up
  2. Real-time monitoring and alerting

After evaluating several tools, Joe created a free Logentries account where his testing of the platform took “less than an hour to get up and running.”  Joe upgraded his free service to one that better met his business needs and is now sending all log data from their disparate machines across the country to Logentries. Joe has set up real-time alerting on his live log data so that there is an immediate and comprehensive notification to the site administrator when there are issues; often times letting them know about a problem before they realized there was one.

Since using Logentries for log management and analytics,  Joe and his team at Diamond Game have seen an improved troubleshooting time to resolution of 300%.

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