Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 17:10:20 GMT

If you are frequent user of the text search feature in Nexpose, then you may have noticed some differences in behavior with search. This is because search, under the hood, has been improved to provide better results, cover more terms, and return results faster than what it used to. Still things have changed in search that you should be aware of.

1. Search does a better job of indexing terms and uses a dictionary to avoid indexing negligible words like "the", "a", "i" etc. Thus a search for "the bigtag" will essentially be a search for "bigtag"

2. By default, partial searches aren't enabled and are no longer represented with a check box. But don't worry you can still search for partial results using the familiar wildcard character. So a search for Security* should return results for "Security", "SecurityStreet", and "SecurityTeam". However, we no longer support prefix wildcard searches. Thus the wildcard in"*Search" will be ignored.

3. We've decided to expand search by expanding what we index. See the search documentation for a full listing but some notable fields that weren't indexed before but now are (site fields including description, more asset fields, more vulnerability fields, tags, and group descriptions).

4. With the changes made, we also took the time to optimize areas related to search. Thus you should see improved performance in reading results, scan integration times, and overall diskspace.