Last updated at Wed, 30 Aug 2017 01:50:22 GMT

As of Nexpose 5.9.20, when you run initial searches with partial strings in the Search box that appears in the upper-right corner of most pages in the Web interface, results include all terms that even partially match those strings.

This change was made in response to feedback from Nexpose users. Previously we made several improvements to the Nexpose search, including indexing more information for searches, and improving aspects of search performance such as disk space use. As part of this update, partial searches were no longer enabled by default. Based on user feedback, we have again enabled partial searches by default, with an updated user experience compared to prior releases.

It is not necessary to use an asterisk (*) on the initial search. For example, if you want to find all IP addresses in the 10.20 range, you can enter 10.20 in the Search text box.

If you want to modify the search after viewing the results, the asterisk is appended to the string in the Search Criteria pane that appears with the results. You can remove the asterisk if you want the next set of results to match the string exactly.

Thanks to all the users who provided feedback and examples of their needs. We welcome your insights and continually work to make our products serve your needs as well as possible.