Last updated at Wed, 01 Nov 2017 20:38:17 GMT

“It’s rare to find a product that truly makes your life easier.” – Bernie Thurston, Global Head of DeltaOne Solutions.

DeltaOne offers the trading and investment management community a comprehensive technology-enabled service, delivering high quality, timely, and accurate Global Index and ETF data, across all asset classes. DeltaOne Solutions are used in the front, middle, and back office by the world’s largest Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Fund Administrators, Prime Brokers, and Hedge Funds.

With client offices all over the world, DeltaOne Solutions needed the ability to actively monitor their database ahead of client queries, and get actionable data on how their clients were interacting with their products.their services.

User experience, and product availability is extremely important to DeltaOne and, as we heard recently from, Bernie Thurston, Global Head of DeltaOnelog management and analytics are a critical tool for assuring high quality user experience and understanding where issues are occurring and why.  DeltaOne Solutions

Bernie described their previous approach as very reactive. If a customer was having trouble accessing and using their database, or if the database itself experienced any errors or lag time, it took a long time for the DeltaOne team to identify and resolve the problem. Prior to using Logentries, “we basically had to go to our development team for everything.”

After implementing Logentries for log management and ongoing performance analysis, DeltaOne is able to run a daily validation for any lags in the databases, and ensure the data could be accessed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the DeltaOne team can monitor in real-time how customers are using the product, and understand usage trends and behaviors.

As Bernie said, “The fact that we can be more proactive and know if any of our data sources are working improperly before our clients know is a major life saver. This dramatically improves the services we’re able to provide our clients, and is a major return on our investment.”

Today, if anything happens to their database, DeltaOne can proactively see the issue, understand the context at the log-level, and resolve before it impacts their end users.

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