Last updated at Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:51:12 GMT

Hey everyone, it's Michael Santarcangelo, the Security Catalyst - with an invitation to join me and Rapid7 on a journey over the next few weeks.


As the value of the systems and information we protect continues to grow, we face attackers that are more organized, and more disciplined. In fact, when we looked at it, breaking down the concepts and elements necessary to be successful when it comes to handling compromised credentials required a series.


Join us for a five-part series that explores:

  • New attacker mindset and methods
  • The shift in our thinking and actions we need to be successful
  • Why the time for us to act is now - and how to make the case to do it
  • How to create and implement a successful action plan
  • The business and security benefits of adapting quickly


What makes this series a bit different is the way we're using content to structure the conversation. At the beginning of each segment in the series, we publish and share the distilled information we'll discuss during the webcast conversations -- our open office hours. The purpose is to give you a chance to quickly consume the information, then ask questions and share ideas before the webcast-based conversation. We'll do a quick 5-10 minute recap at the start of the webcast, then focus on constructive conversation based on the questions and feedback from you.


Afterward, I'll capture the essence and share some reflections in a column that provides additional context and allows us to all advance.


Join us to learn, discuss, and share the changes you can make to your security program to produce the best results – including how to make the case for change within your organization.


Learn more and register now for, "Party Crashers: How to Detect and Investigate Unwanted Guests".