Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 15:29:28 GMT

Happy Friday, Federal friends! After a brief hiatus, due to an epic travel day last Friday, I'm baaaaaack. Welcome to the dog-days of summer everyone. School is around the corner, and better yet we're only 62 days away from the unofficial start to ski season. Don't believe me? Check out the guys at Ski The East, they're keeping watch for us.

There was some potential, positive, traction regarding threat sharing in the Senate this week. Sen. Gillibrand introduced a bill that would provide some incentives to companies that participate in cyber-threat sharing. She's pushing for organizations that participate in organizations that focus on threat sharing, such as ISAC's, would be incentivized with tax breaks. This new bill comes on the heels of another bi-partisan effort from earlier this month. While the previous bill that was co-sponsored by Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Chambliss was much broader in reach, this current effort gets more specific and is focused on cyber-threat sharing. Sen. Gillibrand used a recent report from the 9/11 Commission, which pointed out the Nation's vulnerabilities in cyberspace, as a driver for bringing this to the floor.

As I was travelling last week, I came across a great article on Wired regarding debunking cybersecurity myths. It is by no means a heavy article, but does a great job deflating some of the fiery rhetoric we see in the media. Below are the 5 myths that the article cited and I encourage you to sit back on the beach, lake or backyard this weekend and enjoy the quick read.

  1. Cybersecurity Is Unlike Any Challenge We Have Faced
  2. Every Day We Face “Millions of Cyber Attacks”
  3. This Is a Technology Problem
  4. The Best (Cyber) Defense Is a Good (Cyber) Offense
  5. “Hackers” Are the Biggest Threat to the Internet Today

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Remember: when it's hot out, milk is always a bad choice.