Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 19:12:34 GMT

Rapid7 RealContext TM allows users to label assets, sites, and asset groups with tags of their choosing. In this way, they can dynamically choose to examine different groups of assets, for instance all marketing assets in a certain city or all critical and highly-critical assets managed by a certain person. This level of granular focus allows info sec professionals to drill down to what matters most to them and their organization. ControlsInsight automatically imports all RealContext TM tags from Nexpose for convenient evaluation of user-selected groups of assets without additional effort.

Applying RealContext Tags

First apply tags to sites, asset groups, or individual assets in Nexpose. Tags that have already been created in Nexpose will be suggested to the user.

Using RealContext in ControlsInsight

All tags created in Nexpose instantly appear in ControlsInsight in the associated category. Sites and asset groups are treated as tags within ControlsInsight. Initially no assets are filtered out. The user can then select any tag category to filter on. ControlsInsight does not display filtered assets or include them in the assessment or trending.

Each tag category has a "Select all" button, each category can be individually selected or deselected as well. If nothing is checked, no filters are applied; any new tags will also not be filtered out. If options are checked, any new tags will not be included. For instance, in the screenshot below, since nothing is checked, assets from a new "Boston" site would also be included. If some or all of the sites are checked, then assets from a new "Boston" site would not be included unless it was also checked.

After making tag selections, the user either applies them or saves them. "Save" applies the changes and also permanently stores the selections so that they remain in effect after the user logs off and logs back on. If filters have been applied, the filter icon is white to indicate that assets are being filtered out.

Choosing "Reset" removes all filters and resets ControlsInsight to the initial state.

Leveraging the Nexpose scan engine and now building in RealContext, ControlsInsight delivers a tailored assessment of the deployment and efficacy of your critical security controls across your enterprise.  Real Context allows you to focus on the controls that matter most to your organization.   

The RealContext feature gives ControlsInsight users new abilities to dynamically examine their assets according to the criteria that make sense to them.