Last updated at Wed, 30 Aug 2017 01:13:55 GMT

The Nexpose 5.10.3 release includes updated Help files.

The first change you may notice is a new look. The Nexpose Help design now matches that of Metasploit. The look also corresponds to the updated look of the PDF User's Guide, which debuted last week.  The clean, new aesthetic makes it easier to find the information you need.

The left pane of the Help is the Contents menu. Click the book icons for each section to show or hide the list of topics inside. You can also navigate sequentially through the help topics by clicking the arrows at the top of the help interface.

The right side of the Welcome to Help page lists major items that have recently been added to Help.

To search, enter your search terms in the upper right corner of the window, and click the search icon. In the new Help, the search behaves slightly differently from how it did before. Whereas the old search was keyword-based, the new search crawls the entire text of each page and delivers any matching results. When you click through to a page from the search results, the search terms will be highlighted.

The updated look and search also represent changes behind the scenes. We have migrated our documentation to a new content management system. One benefit of the new system is improved single-sourcing, which enables us to more quickly publish information in multiple formats, such as Web help and PDF guides. Since we will be spending less time on the publishing process, we should now have more time to produce other useful news and guidance, such as more blog posts or detailed guides.

What do you think of the new Help? In particular, let us know about your experiences with the new search, as we may be able to adjust the behavior a bit to suit your needs. For example, we may be able to specify synonyms for certain terms. Any additional suggestions? Please let us know in the comments.