Last updated at Wed, 12 Feb 2020 18:37:37 GMT

Happy Friday, Federal Friends! Do you hear that? That sound you're hearing is the collective high-five every adult with children just gave each other in celebration of "Back to School." For those of you who's summah is coming to a close, I hope it has been a great couple of months. For those of you that don't have to worry about that, I'll see ya at the empty beach in September.

I read a great article this week about another take on cyber strategy. Piggy--backing on my last post this article harkened back to antiquity and turned to the seas for some answers. The article on ISN used the theories of maritime strategist, Sir Julian Corbett, as an outline. Below are the six points the author highlights. I highly suggest reading the article for the full description of each point.

  1. Cyber is tied to national power
  2. Cyber operations are independent with other operations
  3. Cyber Lines of Communications (CLOCs)
  4. Offensive Strategy
  5. Defensive Strategy
  6. Dispersal and Concentration

Another little ditty that caught my eye this week came from GCN. This article hones in on the word of the decade; Cloud. DISA just approved Amazon Web Services to be the first cloud vendor approved under the DOD's Cloud Security Model. This is major step forward for the DOD, and the advancement of Government infrastructure as a whole. Should AWS be successful in "security impact levels" 3-5  it could lead to a wider adoption throughout the Fed. Additionally, as AWS commercial customers have seen, this should lead to additional efficiencies and lower costs for the DOD. A win-win for a sector that is continually facing the brunt of manpower deficiencies and budgetary restrictions... remember the Sequester?