Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 15:53:14 GMT

Arrrrrg! Happy Friday, Federal Mateys!  Th' air be crisp 'n th' leaves be turnin' in New England, which means ‘tis almost the hour to strap on me skis!

Another week has gone by 'n another breach be bein' reported by FireEye. Arrrgh mateys, 'tis one involves a foreign government penetratin' th' networks at TRANSCOM, 'n th' attack lasted fer 'bout 11 months. What ‘tis shockin' 'bout 'tis be th' sheer number 'o incidents durin' that the hour frame. Contractors fer TRANSCOM were breached 20 times via APT, 'n another 30 incidents to non-APT type attacks. th' scarrrry part? TRANSCOM only knew 'bout 2 'o them, mostly due to a lack 'o threat sharin' 'n th' lack 'o a simple tip ‘o th' cap by th' contractor regardin' th' breaches.

Mateys, unfortunately 'tis be th' same storrry we have seen time and again. Whether ‘tis lack 'o transparency on behalf 'o th' 3rd parrrty or a lack 'o policy enforcement by th' organization regarrrrrdin' 3rd parrrty access, th' result be th' same. Intellectual Properrrrty was stolen by a foreign scourge in th' hopes that 'tis gunna allow them to speed up th' modernization 'o their own military. Attacks like these have be happenin' fer years 'n without a fundamental shift in th' way contractors 'n th' government share information 'tis same story gunna likely reply over 'n over again. While ye may have to wait fer th' powers that be to put an over-archin' policy in place regardin' contractors, thar be thin's ye can do this day to give a go' to fend off attacks via 3rd parrrty. 'tis can be done both by product 'n by institutin' ye own policy fer th' networks ye manage.

Stay vigilant mateys an keep th' band 'o pirates 'o ye network at bay.