Last updated at Fri, 21 Jul 2017 16:04:50 GMT

ControlsInsight chart functionality enables the user to select a date range criteria by selecting the by-month buttons seen at the top of the chart. Users can also see this behavior as well on the right side of the by-month buttons at top of the chart in order to limit the date range for specific days on the calendar.

If the user clicks on any of the by-month buttons, the chart will automatically fit to select the date range. For instance, Let's say we click on the All button, this action will retrieve all data points form different scans in time.

Normally users will have assets resources already imported. There are 2 situations when users will not be able to see resources on their screen:

  1. Out-of-the-package prior installation of the system.
  2. The use of extensive filters on the navigational left-hand menu sometimes will not result on any resource depending on the user assets.

When above scenarios occur, the user will not be displayed with any chart, resulting in the following message: "ControlsInsight did not find any assets. Make sure the selected filters have scanned assets."

But what else can we do with the chart besides date range functionality?

One of the most interesting ways we can actually do with the chart, is that we can interact with the data points to gives us more information about specific points in time. Whenever we hover on specific data points in time, we get a detailed tooltip. Let's take a look:

The tooltip gives us information on:

  1. When exactly did we did the scan
  2. Grade for such scan
  3. Number of assets collected

When we hover onto the next data point in time we see the following:

Besides the typical information we received for a specific data point in time, the data point also tells us that the configuration changed for that particular data point, compared to the previous point.

One final note

ControlsInsight chart provides the user with lots of functionality but we don't stop there. We will be incorporating not only more, but better features through out updates that will contribute to a better user experience through out not only charts, but the system in general.

Thank you and until next time.