Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 19:43:28 GMT

We have built our new Community Pack technology as a way for small or large communities to share ways to extract the important information generated by their systems and technology.

Introduction to Logentries Community Packs

What are Community Packs?

It’s a completely open service allowing people to create packs containing saved searches, alerts, tags, and dashboards which use the Logentries infrastructure and tools, but focused for the technology used by their community.

We have also created a new repository at, where users are able to download packs developed by others or submit their own. This is a completely free service and hopefully helps communities improve adoption of their technology.

What are the benefits?

Instead of building dashboards and monitoring into your own product or technology, you can now create a pack within minutes that uses Logentries’ dashboards and alerting.

The pack can drive key information from your technology into a Logentries dashboard.

Once developed, users of your technology can install the pack to create a dashboard within their Logentries account instantly.

A pack is a description of saved searches, tags, and dashboards in a simple JSON file that can be created modified and shared with no restrictions on the types or quantity of searches, tags or dashboard widgets.

Here’s an example pack:

"searches": [ 
"name": "User Agents Distribution", 
"description": "Distribution of user agents", 
"query": "where(status>0) Groupby(http_user_agent) Calculate(count)" 
"tags": [ 
"type":            "Alert", 
"description": "excessive amount of 404 errors", 
"labels": [ 
"name": "404 Error", 
"color": "123456" 
"patterns": [ 
"action": { 
"type": "Alert", 
"min_matches_count": 20, 
"min_matches_period": "Hour", 
"min_report_count": 1, 
"min_report_period": "Hour" 
"widgets": [ 
"name": "Unique User Count", 
"description": "A counter for unique user count",
"search_name": "Unique_Visitors_Count", 
"type": "Count" 

Logentries Community Pack Dashboard

How do you install packs?

  1. Click the “Import a Pack” button within the application, this will prompt you to select a Community Pack file on your local machine.
  2. Once you select a file to import, you are presented with lists of the Queries, Alerts and Dashboard widgets where you select the ones that you want. These are added to your account giving you an instant dashboard.

Import community packs

There are full instructions on how to build your own pack at, or you can download a pack from and modify it to suit.

Our support team is always available to help you build and make available packs to support your products, customers and community.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!