Last updated at Wed, 07 Apr 2021 18:35:27 GMT

Wow, another 12-day blogging sprint in the can! This scheme to keep the Metasploit blog churning over the holidates always sounds like such a good idea in mid-December. By the time January rolls around... well, at least we got a ton of new blog posts for you to read as you ease back into the post-new-year grind of InfoSec. So, to close this thing out and to give you a reasonable place to find the HaXmas posts, please join me in song.

On the 12th day of HaXmas, my true love gave to me...

12 Meterpreter Mettles

11 Linux Migrations

10 Fingerprinting Frameworks

9 Android Exploits

8 Git client RCEs

7 Mildly Interesting Metasploit Stats


5 Blended Ducks

4 Password Bruteforcers

3 Jsobfus

2 Time Capsules

and an MS14-068

Even if the counts are complete fabrications, and the meter stumbles a little in the middle, you still cannot resist hearing the tune in your head. Happy New Year!