Last updated at Thu, 20 Jul 2017 20:00:42 GMT

I've been working in the exposure management space for almost 9 years now and if there is one thing that has not changed in that time, it's the demand for more coverage.  People always want more because there always *is* more.  More software, more platforms, more protocols, more compliance and configuration standards, and always, always, always, more vulnerabilities.  By "people" I mean customers, prospects, community users, really anybody who cares about what an exposure management product, such as Nexpose, can discover.

We are doing a number of things to make it easier and faster to add coverage.  One of those things is developing a simplified check language that would allow you to deploy a check across Nexpose and Metasploit both, hence #MOARCHECKS.  If you are the type of person who cares about such things and would be able to contribute a few minutes here and there to participate in defining a check language for Rapid7's assessment products, I'd love to hear from you. The level of engagement would be to get your a chance to share the use cases that matter to you and a chance to see early iterations of this language as they emerge.

If you're interested, please respond to me here on the Community or via twitter @r3dsl1m3, use hashtag #MOARCHECKS.

[UPDATE Feb 4 2015 - We've posted a follow-up question - how should we represent service fingerprints? #MOARCHECKS!  A quick survey - How should we represent service fingerprints?]