Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 20:59:05 GMT

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. For example, most DevOps teams don’t want to talk to a sales guy before they try out a new product, and don’t want to go through a lengthy or painful sign-up process. In fact I get frustrated if I even have to install or configure something in order to get an understanding for the value of a given tool or solution. This is especially true when you want to try something out for evaluation purposes, or want an immediate answer/insight into what is happening in your system

Maybe you’ve got a log file that you think is full of errors or that holds the keys to understanding a recent issue. But, you’re not ready to take the time to set-up a new log management solution and go through the purchasing process,  just to take a peek into your logs.

Or, maybe you are venturing into whether you need a logging solution and you want to understand what kind of insight you can actually get from a log management and analytics service.

Either way you want it and you want it NOW!

The LogCruncher

The Logentries LogCruncher is hot out of Logentries Labs, where our research team is coming up with new ideas about how to make your life easier when it comes to log analysis.

What is LogCruncher? It is a real-time log analyzer for web server logs. Simply upload a log file to LogCruncher and we will analyze your logs before your eyes (in seconds!). No need to install any agents/configure syslog to get some immediate insight – just upload your log file and start CRUNCHING!

Check out the video below of LogCruncher in action:

What Analysis Can I Get from LogCruncher?

LogCruncher will understand any NGinX or Apache logs (it can even handle custom fields that you may add) and will provide the following analysis into your log data:

  • Number of Log Events Crunched
  • Activity By Time of Day
  • Most Accessed Resources
  • Resource Types
  • Request Types
  • HTTP Status
  • Top Search Terms
  • Response Size Distribution
  • Top Remote Hosts
  • Number of Unique Hosts
  • Browser Share
  • Breakdown of User OS
  • Top User Countries

As always, check it out and let us know what you think. Are there other log types you would like us to crunch for you? Analysis or data breakdowns you think we are missing? Looking forward to your feedback! Start Crunching.