Last updated at Fri, 07 Jul 2023 14:59:48 GMT

A June 2014 Gartner Report on Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) reveals that many surveyed SIEM users indicate “cost” (both in terms of price and effort) as being one of the biggest challenges presented by traditional SIEM tools of today. The irony of this insight is that reducing the cost and complexity of managing security information and events should be the primary function of a SIEM tool.


This week, Logentries is announcing our Security Information and Event Management offering for organizations looking for an easy-to-use SIEM tool without an enterprise-level price tag. We built this offering because we believe today’s SIEM tools have lost sight of what’s important when it comes to monitoring security events. Here are three specific areas we focused on to build a better SIEM offering:

Low Cost

It’s no secret that traditional SIEM tools represent a significant investment for businesses. With large price tags and lengthy contracts, comparing, buying and implementing a SIEM tool can come at a significant cost. But this shouldn’t have to be the case – you should be able to trial a considered SIEM for free, giving you the ability to make an educated buying decision. That’s why Logentries offers a 30-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to explore the product at no cost.

Filtering for the cloud

A cloud-based security tool can offer a variety of advantages over an on-premises solution, especially when considering the tool’s ability to receive updates. But ensuring compliance can become tricky once data is shared outside of your organization’s local environment. While most SIEM tools sacrifice ease-of-use for an on-premises solution, Logentries solves this issue by offering the ability to filter-out sensitive data before it ever reaches the cloud.

Easy to use

A SIEM tool that takes months to set up and integrate across teams and internal processes leaves clients vulnerable during those early months. With integrations across all major platforms and a host of pre-built tools pre-configured for your environment, Logentries setup is achieved in minutes instead of months.

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