Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 19:35:53 GMT

Today, we’re announcing our partnership with Microsoft Azure, making it easy to centralize and analyze log data from VMs and web apps hosted on Azure. One of the things we love about Azure is how easy it is to spin up new services quickly. I’ve found that the operational flexibility Azure enables through these out-of-the-box solutions is particularly helpful to organizations using distributed systems that span solutions located both on-premises and in the cloud.


I recently spoke with Alex Fagundes, CIO at PowerObjects about how he uses Microsoft Azure and Logentries together to deliver reliable service to PowerObject customers. PowerObjects specializes in setting up clients with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While PowerObjects has data centers across the globe, not all of their clients are located near one. By leveraging Azure Virtual Machines to supplement their data centers, PowerObjects is able to provide more reliable services to their customers.

“Thanks to Logentries and Microsoft Azure, we can service our customers around the globe while easily monitoring the system security and performance of our data centers and hosted VMs.”

– Alex Fagundes, CIO, PowerObjects

So how does Alex’s team handle needs like security and performance monitoring if their services are spread across physical data centers and cloud-hosted virtual machines? That’s where Logentries comes in.

With Logentries’ Windows agent, PowerObjects is able to aggregate logs from every data center and VM into a single Logentries account. With features like Live-Tail Search, Alex and team can identify potentially critical events in real-time, like who is VPN’ing into their environments. PowerObjects also tracks Windows Security Logs in Logentries, giving them greater context while monitoring their systems.

Working seamlessly together, Logentries and Microsoft Azure enables PowerObjects to perform regular security and performance monitoring while delivering reliable service to their customers.

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