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I'm excited to connect with you through this first blog post as part of the Rapid7 team. Rapid7 has just acquired the company I co-founded, NT OBJECTives (NTO), an application security company specializing in dynamic application security testing software (DAST). Our NTO team is eager to be part of Rapid7 and to continue to innovate in Application Security as part of Rapid7's Thread Exposure Management solutions.

So, a quick introduction: I'm Dan Kuykendall. I have been with NT OBJECTives for over 12 years as the co-CEO and CTO. Prior to that I worked at Foundstone. I'm an engineer at heart. I was the original creator of RPM Builder, phpGroupware and podPress and love to automate things to the fullest possible extent – that goes for Application Security first and foremost. Aside from connecting on-line through this blog or Twitter (@dan_kuykendall), you'll often catch me attending and speaking at security conferences around the world.

We are looking forward to continuing our 12 year tradition of commitment to excellent application security technology, as well as harnessing the power of Rapid7 Services, Nexpose, Metasploit and UserInsight to continue to achieve innovation in our industry.

For those of you familiar with our software, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our new terminology/brands, as our product names are changing:

Old NT OBJECTives Name New Rapid7 Name
NTOSpider AppSpider Pro
NTOEnterprise AppSpider Enterprise
NTOSpider On-Demand AppSpider Enterprise OnDemand
NTODefend Included in AppSpider Pro

I look forward to connecting with you and hearing your ideas about the future of application security and how we can help you engineer better security for your organization.

Rapid7 AppSpider - Application Assessment for the Modern World

Same products. Same technology. Same people. Here to stay.

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