Last updated at Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:07:41 GMT

This summer, Rapid7 is hosting a ton of free, educational security content at the Rapid7 Security Summer Camp. Camp Rapid7 is a place where security professionals of all ages (Girls AND Boys Allowed!) can gain knowledge and skill in incident detection and response, cloud security, phishing, threat exposure management, and more.

A few of the exciting activities for visitors at Camp Rapid7

  • Take a load off at the Webcast Fire Pit and listen to the Counselors (Security Experts!) share on “Campfire Horror Stories: 5 Most Common Findings in Pen Tests”, “Detecting the Bear in Camp: How to Find your True Vulnerabilities”, “Storming the Breach: Uncovering Attacker Tracks” and more in live broadcasts throughout the summer!
  • Scale Security Maturity Mountain for resources on how to ensure your security program is strong and measuring up
  • Hit the beach and learn how to monitor for Phishing out on the water, and how to discover even more threats from the Incident Detection Lifeguard Hut
  • Gaze into the skies to up your Cloud Security knowledge
  • Stop by the CISO's Cabin to learn how to transform your organization's security program to be relevant, actionable, and sustainable

Start Exploring the Rapid7 Security Summer Camp Today!