Last updated at Sun, 20 Aug 2017 14:41:10 GMT

A couple of weeks back I told you all about the new capability to add custom protocol support in Nexpose.  At first we had opened the github repo up as invitation only.  I'm excited to tell you that since then we've expanded the testability, added more protocols, and as of last week we opened it to the public.

One of the best things about improving protocol detection is increased scan speed.  Getting accurate detection reduces the amount of time it takes before Nexpose gives up trying to identify an unknown service.  In the demo I was showing at Black Hat last week, we saw hosts go from an 8 minute scan to a 5s scan (96x faster), simply by adding support for a single unknown port.

As with before, we are eager for our users (and other interested parties) to fork the repo for your own projects.  If you are working on detection for a custom protocol, or just something that Nexpose is not identifying well in your environment, we're here to help.