Last updated at Fri, 03 Nov 2017 17:52:16 GMT

Containerization, led by Docker, is fundamentally changing how we build, manage and monitor systems.

When AWS came along they increased the rate of innovation by lowering the cost of failure. This allowed companies (like Logentries) to get started on the back of a credit card with no capital expense up front; and enabled people to easily prove out ideas and concepts in the wild without the risk of having to remortgage their house.

Similarly, containers are helping to accelerate the rate of change,  and as Docker CTO and founder Solomon Hykes has put it, the goal is to “build tools of mass innovation” that will have a global impact.

At Logentries we are witnessing this firsthand, where in particular, over the last six months we are seeing a serious uptake in people quickly building new POCs and early prototypes, as well as production workloads running on Docker. We recognize Docker is here to stay and it is going to have a massive impact on how we innovate in the future. As such, Logentries wants to support this movement and to contribute to the growing Community as best we can.

Today, we have set out to help support Docker to drive this mass innovation by removing a common concern when building any type of system – i.e. the cost of logging.

Logging can be an expensive requirement, especially when using some of the more traditional solutions, and in particular, if you are producing more than a few GB per month. To remove this barrier for the Docker community we announced today free logging for Docker!

Yes it’s free! There’s no catch. Simply spin up our specialized logging container and we will automatically collect your Docker logs, stats and container lifecycle events and send them into your Logentries account where you will have a single centralized dashboard for understanding what is happing across your system.

To check it out simply sign up here.