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How do intruders get into your network? They choose the most economically friendly methods that get in with the least resistance. For five years now, this has been compromised credentials – the use of stolen passwords to mask as corporate employees. By gaining access to one of the many accounts your employees use across the network, cloud services, and endpoints, attackers can build a presence, scan for targets, move laterally to other machines, and exfiltrate critical data.

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Traditional monitoring systems, (e.g. Firewalls, Antivirus, and Anti-Malware) cannot detect these attacks, as it requires knowledge of how your users operate and data sources across your network ecosystem.

Rapid7's user and entity behavior analytics solution, UserInsight, integrates with your existing network and security infrastructure to detect attacks, accelerate investigations with user context, and expose risky behavior from endpoint to cloud.

Other user behavior analytics solutions look at your readily available network data and use rules, static threat intelligence, and analytics to find traces of the attacker. However, not all attacker traces are found in logs, which is why UserInsight can set up intruder traps which specifically detect attacker behavior. If you need to investigate an incident further, UserInsight shows you the exact users affected. No more digging through disparate log files or tracing IP's back to their nebulous owners.

Want to see how our user behavior analytics solution, UserInsight detects stealthy attacks such as compromised credentials and lateral movement? Watch this five-minute demo:

Apart from detecting intruders, UserInsight can also help you investigate security incidents faster in the user context and provide visibility into risky user behavior from endpoint to cloud. If you'd like to learn more, sign up for a free, guided demo.

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