With over 90 open jobs and hundreds of active candidates, Rapid7 is adding new team members on a daily basis. One of our biggest challenges is making sure the quality of our hires remains high as numbers increase. High volumes of interviews coupled with eager managers and recruiters, and the business need to move at an accelerated pace, can often result in small, inadvertent concessions in quality. Being mindful of this challenge and helping our organization scale while maintaining an incredibly high bar is the challenge of Rapid7 TA and TA teams everywhere.

So how does a TA leader begin to address this challenge?  Do you add bigger and better tools? Skills tests? Behavioral assessments? Do you turn your interviewing managers into robots with standard interview questions and over mechanize the process?  Or is there an alternative which keeps the focus on transparency and candidate experience while hunting for that stellar talent and fit? There are benefits and restrictions to every approach.

Here at Rapid7, I try and keep the teams focus on the latter. I do this for the simple fact that if candidates know what to expect and when to expect it they can better prepare for the process. Prospective candidates will be prepared in terms of understanding what we value and the required skills needed to do the job, as well as gain a better understanding of “rewarded behaviors.” As a result, we find they will either passionately connect with us OR say “this isn't for me” and self-select out.  Our goal is that early in the process, prospective new team members know what we understand skills needed and what it truly means to be a culture fit. As a result, they can spend their interviewing time sharing relevant experiences and helping us to get to really know them as people, rather than working through canned responses to our questions. Knowing what to expect lessens interview anxiety and allows the candidates a better opportunity to bring their “A game” to the interview.

If you are interviewing with Rapid7, here is what you should know ahead of time: All candidates, no matter how senior or junior– no surprises, no trick questions: prepare, then crush it.

Attitude:  Do you demonstrate a high level of collaboration? Do you actively seek constructive feedback to better your game? Do you engage others with good intentions? Are you focused on searching for a solution rather than dwelling on the problem? We are trying to gain an understanding of how you will engage within a team and if you value accountability.

Aptitude:  What is your appetite for learning? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you have the ability to learn things quickly? We look for people who have an interest in continuous learning and growth, and the ability to do so.   We also look for strong leadership Those who have a vision, engage others and are willing to take disciplined risks are highly valued.  

Cultural Fit: How do our Core Values resonate with you? Think about how they apply to you. We live by these. If you don't connect with them, chances are Rapid7 isn't a good fit – regardless of your skills and background. 

Skills: Of course, we all need to bring some basic skills to the table.  Come prepared to talk us through your background, and help us understand your experiences.

Successful candidates come prepared – you have reflected on these key areas and can speak to the relevant parts of your background that might make you a fantastic candidate. Most importantly, you are thoughtful in the examples you share, and areas you choose to highlight to help us get to know each other better.

Interviewing is all about understanding skills and the potential capabilities of a prospect. Of course, a rigorous assessment of skills is critical.  However, you'll find at Rapid we place just as much emphasis on your attitude, aptitude and culture fit.  We believe that if you know what to expect before walking in the door, you can better prepare to share without the anxiety of a “trick” question that might be coming down the line.

For us, an interview provides the forum for you to share what you are capable of and believe in. We feel our approach allows for a transparent and honest result for both of us.