Last updated at Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:24:10 GMT

Those that follow Rapid7 will know that we talk a great deal about our vision of delivering security data and analytics to our customers to enable an active, analytics-driven approach to cyber security. I'm excited to let you know that today we're making an important addition to the Rapid7 family that will help us advance this vision even further… we are acquiring the world-class, cloud-based log management and search technology company, Logentries.

Organizations need real mastery of the information in their IT environment so they can better understand and respond to risk. Being able to easily search machine data and logs is a key means of doing this, enabling security pros to dig deeper for a better view of their security posture and to perform detailed investigations and forensics on security incidents.

It's a great complement to our current capabilities for incident investigation, including our ability to tie events back to the specific users and assets involved, in a matter of minutes, and to seamlessly build an incident timeline.  Today, our customers tell us that with our UserInsight solution, they can complete an investigation which previously required two days in only minutes.  We plan to bring that kind of power to our customers with our new search capabilities as well.  We are committed to helping you solve problems quickly so you can focus on what matters – making your organization more secure.

Logentries' technology enhances our data collection by providing our customers with really fast, scalable search, so you can find the answers you need more quickly and efficiently.

Of course, when acquiring a company, great technology is only part of the picture -- even more important are all the people who make the company great.  Corporate culture is very important to Rapid7; we strongly believe one of the measures for success in a move like this is making sure the cultures mesh, and mesh well. At the core of our corporate culture is a strong commitment to putting customers first, and a dedication to driving innovation. We were impressed and excited to find that Logentries shares these core values.

Another significant area of alignment in our approach is our mutual commitment to supporting a community of free users, and enabling customers to try the technology before they buy.  This has been a core tenet for Rapid7 for years, and underpins our support of the Metasploit Framework, as well as free versions and trials of Nexpose and AppSpider. Similarly, Logentries has a vast community of 50,000 for its free version, which you can try here.

We believe that through these many areas of alignment we will continue to build something truly great. I am so excited to welcome the Logentries team to our family, and I am looking forward to tackling new customer challenges together in the future.

Please join me in extending a very warm welcome to our new team members in Boston, MA and Dublin, Ireland!

You can learn more about the acquisition from our press release, this blog from Logentries CEO, Andrew Burton, or by joining our conference call today at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The call will be accessible by telephone at 888-223-4580 (domestic) or 303-223-2683 (international). A webcast replay will be available at until October 16, 2015.

Corey Thomas

President & CEO, Rapid7