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In helping to evaluate and recommend areas for security improvement, I frequently consult with boards on the state of their organization's security program. Having had many of these conversations, I've seen board members repeatedly ask some of the same questions; they clearly are concerned about the overall security posture of the business, but lack the deep-rooted technical background of a longtime security practitioner. Which is where I come in…

On October 21st I'll join several other panelists as we answer common boardroom security questions – the so-called “basics” of security – and discuss how these issues fit into the bigger picture of our evolving digital lives. There have been many major shifts in the security and technology space, and the rate of innovation shows no signs of slowing. The question is, how does this affect business leaders, and what can they do to lay the groundwork for a strong security program?

Your Evolving Digital Life: Security Basics for Business Leaders

Wednesday, October 21st at 11am ET/ 8am PT and 4pm BST

    • Allan Abrams, Director of Governance and Compliance at Teleflora
    • Chad Currier, Technology Infrastructure Director at Cardinal Innovations
    • Bob Lord (Bob Lord), CISO in Residence at Rapid7
    • Nicholas Percoco (Nicholas Percoco), Vice President of Global Services at Rapid7

Technology has become increasingly more pervasive and connected to the Internet. From wearables, to smart homes, to connected cars, it's never been more important to secure your digital life. The Internet of Things gives attackers more entry points from which to pivot, and so strong security hygiene is a must. In boardroom discussions, I frequently get asked the following questions:

  • How can I avoid getting my email hacked?
  • What are some best practices for security my phone?
  • What does a sophisticated phishing attack look like?
  • What are the characteristics of a strong password?

These may seem silly, but they're actually great questions. Lots of people think they know the answers, when really they're overlooking the fundamentals. Our moderator, Bob Lord, also has some great insight into the most effective attack techniques, and how they sidestep common security measures to go for the weakest entry point.

Feel free to post in the comments if you have any other questions you'd like us to tackle!