Last updated at Thu, 31 Aug 2017 14:23:17 GMT

How much visibility do you have across your network today? Today's security teams use sophisticated tool stacks, but siloed solutions cannot cover the sprawling network ecosystem of endpoint, network, and cloud services. Big data solutions are capable of flexible integrations, but struggle with identifying stealthy attacks (e.g. compromised credentials & lateral movement) without a waterfall of false positives.

In addition to helping detect and investigate outside attacks, UserInsight sheds a spotlight on your internal behavior. By correlating all network activity to the users behind them, we automatically identify your riskiest users so you can proactively follow-up.

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Every day, notable behavior happens in your organization. There is always someone with the highest firewall traffic, or a first time administrative action, or a new log-in to an asset. However, these anomalies are useless without context, as 99% of this behavior is legitimate activity. Therefore, we don't generate incident alerts for these – our customers only receive a handful of incident alerts, things they want to know about. However, these notable behaviors can be correlated to identify attacks and add context to incident investigations.

Beyond users, UserInsight helps identify security risks such as unknown administrators, shared accounts, accounts with non-expiring passwords, and even Shadow IT – unauthorized cloud services and process hashes on your endpoints. See how you can expose risky user behavior with this 5-minute Demo Video:

For more on User Behavior Analytics, we recommend the Gartner Market Guide, which recommends, “Use User and Entity Behavior Analytics to detect insider threats and external hackers.” Get the report here.