Last updated at Mon, 06 Nov 2017 18:53:07 GMT

As we practice continuous delivery at Logentries, we’re constantly deploying product updates of all sizes. Here’s a recap of feature updates from October!


timeslice() is our latest addition to the Logentries Query Language (LEQL) and gives you the ability to specify the granularity of your query results. By default, LEQL queries that distribute data over a timeseries will do so over 10 data points. With timeslice(), you can specify how many data points you’d like to see, which can reveal insights previously missed.

Query Reset Button

A new reset button has been added to the QueryBuilder, making it easy to quickly reset the query bar to an empty state. This is particularly useful when working within ‘Simple Mode’ as you’ll no longer have to clear individual drop-down fields.

Automated Graph Resizing on LogView

When writing a query that displays a graph on the LogView, the graph is now rendered based on the space available (rather than a fixed size).

QueryBuilder Help Box

We’ve added a new Help Box to the query field in ‘Advanced Mode’ to assist users in constructing well-formed queries. When in ‘Advanced Mode’, simply place your cursor in the query bar and hit the down arrow to open the interactive Help Box. From here, users can select placeholder queries to inject into the query field before customizing.

Consistent graphs across LogView & Dashboards

LogView graphs have been updated to look like those found on Dashboards, providing a more consistent experience.

Updated Datepicker Buttons

Buttons on the Datepicker now have a consistent look & feel to the rest of the application.