Last updated at Mon, 02 Oct 2017 20:20:50 GMT

I am admittedly reticent to talk about myself, as I try to let my actions and accomplishments speak louder than any boisterous cacophony. However, this really isn't about me, it's about being able to work with an outstanding team of professionals who truly want to make a huge difference in the world of cybersecurity and make it harder than ever for our adversaries to achieve their goals.

For those who do not know me, I have a multi-decade background helping enterprises manage risk and defend against cybercriminals and am co-author of the book Data-Driven Security. I'm also on the Board of Directors for the Society of Information Risk Analysts and the Advisory Board for SANS Securing the Human. Most recently, I've been leading the team that produces the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

It's About the Future

But, this also isn't really about the past, it's about the future.

When I had the opportunity to hear the vision that Corey, Tas, HD and (really) the entire Rapid7 organization has for the company I knew I had to be a part of it. Since its founding back in 2000, Rapid7 has repeatedly demonstrated both a commitment and capability to craft security data and analytics solutions that help organizations of all shapes and sizes reduce risk and detect, thwart and—when necessary—recover from cyberattacks.

As I learned more about our mission to infuse even greater data-driven capabilities into our tools and services, the possibilities for success seemed almost endless.

It's About the Company

By “company,” I mean the collection of individuals that come together to make Rapid7 what it is. I personally know many outstanding individuals who work at Rapid7 and have seen their passion for what they do every day. Their excitement and commitment to excellence was just too compelling to stay away any longer.

It's About the Challenge

I am a firm believer that the principles, tools and techniques of “data science” are the critical components in our quest to turn the tide on our attackers. Rapid7 already applies tested, foundational security analytics practices in our solutions. My goal is to use the wealth of rich data sources (it truly is staggering) and keen security domain and engineering knowledge that exists across the entire organization to enhance existing capabilities in our current offerings and develop new, innovative (and, dare I say revolutionary) data-driven products and services that I know will raise the bar for the entire industry.

It's About You

I have always been extremely impressed with Rapid7's commitment to the community. Not just the community of customers, but the cybersecurity community writ large, with our support of conferences; our continual development and distribution of open source tools/data; and, our vocal support and demonstrated actions to ensure researchers have the freedom and tools to help us defend our organizations without encumbrance.

As we discover and develop new security data science capabilities, we'll also be sharing these innovations with the community, enabling you to continue to meet the challenges that come with defending organizations in this complex and challenging world.

So, why did I join Rapid7? I joined it because our vision matches my passion, our team is absolutely outstanding and our commitment is as strong as our capabilities.

- @hrbrmstr