Last updated at Mon, 02 Oct 2017 20:04:32 GMT

Nexpose has long provided the ability to filter vulnerabilities by a wide variety of categories and operators. Starting in Nexpose 6.1, filtering in new-vulnerability actions in Adaptive Security closely mirrors that of Nexpose. New vulnerability actions were covered in a recent blog .How Adaptive Security fits into your Vulnerability Management Program).

Similarity to Nexpose Filtering

The enhanced filters now mirror those of Nexpose in their entirety. Users can now automate any workflows they have which only operate on certain types of vulnerabilities.

More Selective Scanning

This enhanced filtering allows users to be much more specific in which types of new vulnerabilities are scanned for. Nexpose released an average of 283 new vulnerabilities per week in 2015, but depending on the customer's assets, only some vulnerabilities are worth scanning for right away. The new filters allow much more pin-pointed scans that target exactly the types of vulnerabilities the user is concerned about.

Example Use Case

Suppose a user has a site which does not contain any Windows assets. They want to scan right away for high-risk vulnerabilities, but not Microsoft-related vulnerabilities, because those should not be applicable to their assets. With this knowledge, they can filter only the vulnerabilities they are interested in.

Over the last year, Nexpose added 13,854 new vulnerabilities, but only 6001 met these criteria. Applying these filters will prevent scans for new vulnerabilities that are uninteresting.