Last updated at Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:15:41 GMT

What do a university and a financial automation software company have in common? In this case, UserInsight.

At first look, the University of Texas at Dallas and BlackLine are two very different organizations. BlackLine provides real-time automation to accounting and finance teams; UT Dallas is a large public research university. However, both stood to benefit from being able to detect and investigate security incidents faster.

As Russ Swift, the information security manager at BlackLine, says, “UserInsight has made us aware of anomalous events that we wouldn't otherwise know about. Even if we had the data, without UserInsight we would have no way to correlate the separate pieces of information to give us an accurate picture of the event.”

For UT Dallas, the value of UserInsight is threefold: 1) The ability to correlate users with events, 2) more effective incident response, and 3) flagging suspicious activity, especially from multiple geographic locations.

For more information on these two use cases, you can check out the full case studies on our website: