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Our first February webinar was broadcasted & recorded on February 11th 2016, in conjunction with VictorOps. During this broadcast Jason Hand (VictorOps), Matt Kiernan (Logentries), and Justin Buchanan (Logentries) discussed effectively monitoring for business critical events and metrics.

Below is a brief summary of some of the critical events reviewed. To watch a recording of the full webinar on-demand, click here. Also, be sure to register for the second webinar in February, which will be a complete Logentries Feature Walkthrough.

Monitoring Business Critical Events

The Logentries team surveyed our customer base and asked them, among other things, what they plan to monitor in 2016. Here is a snapshot of the results:

As you can see a vast majority of our customers are planning to monitor performance metrics. We also monitor performance metrics and find them to be imperative for ensuring smooth operations.

However, we have found extremely valuable insight by increasing our focus on that tiny Business Analytics piece of the pie. In the webinar, we review the different ways we monitor key events to support various departments. Be sure to view the full webinar to learn about all the departments and events we covered.

Monitoring for the Product Team

Our product team uses Logentries extensively to monitor feature usage, adoption, and usability.

We frequently run the query below to get an understanding of our most popular features:

groupby(clicked) sort(desc)


We can then pick a particular feature and look at its usage over time. Here is the query we run to visualize our LogGraph feature. In this example, there was a drastic drop in usage which resulted in an investigation to ensure all supporting systems for the feature we stable and working as expected.

where(LogGraph) calculate(count)


Monitoring for the Business Analytics Team

Back in October Matt Kiernan recorded a webinar in partnership with Pluralsight. During this broadcast, Mike (Pluralsight) and Matt discussed Logging from Tableau for Successful DataOps.

In our February webinar we reviewed using LEQL to analyze Tableau Backgrounder logs:

Visualize the different job types running on the server:

where(/Running job of type :(?P\w+)/) groupby(TsJob)

Show all log events where the severity isn’t INFO:


Count the number of log events where the severity isn’t INFO:

where(-/info/i) calculate(count)

To watch the full Logging from Tableau for Successful DataOps webinar click here.

Integrate VictorOps and Logentries

Integrating VictrorOps and Logentries is quick and easy.  Follow the detailed documentation available here.


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To watch the full webinar on-demand, click here.

If you haven’t already, create a free Logentries account to follow along during the webinar. Click here to get started.