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Logentries surveyed over 400 IT professionals about their views of log management and analytics. We found that many people are planning on using and investing in public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google, and Azure in 2016.

Who took the survey?

40% of respondents identify as a Developer / Dev Manger, as we expected. We found the 3% of responses from Support and Customer Success professionals to be representative of an emerging trend we are now seeing in the log management space.

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What are the top use cases for logging?

Logs provide the most valuable insight into your production systems. We feel that the results lined up with our expectations with 69% of respondents using their logs for production monitoring. Technical Support / Customer Support had a strong showing in fourth place with 28%. The survey results continue to show the new trend of customer support teams performing log analysis.

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In this survey, we noticed containers gaining momentum. 17% of the IT professionals surveyed reported they are using containers such as docker. IaaS providers are still the industry standard with the vast majority of the respondents currently using AWS and other similar providers.

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Log Management & Analytics at a Glance

Ready to check out the full results? Check out the infographic below!

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