Last updated at Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:16:29 GMT

…intuition, perception, awareness, understanding, comprehension, wisdom…

Each morning driving my two older boys to school we play the ‘synonym game', and I pit them against one another in a three-round battle to see how many alternatives they can come up with to the words I've selected that morning. The games get brutal; this is of no surprise to those who have seen my 1,000 page ‘Synonym Finder' book prominently displayed in my office. And, to be fair, the folks at Rapid7 have not seen said book just yet, because last week I started in my new role here, and the book has not made its way onto the shelf.

In just one week I've not only learned a lot about the company, our solutions, and the people that live and breathe them, but I raised my hand for this here blog post on the day we launched InsightIDR and InsightUBA (fka UserInsight). You can get more info from Eric on InsightIDR, but for now let's talk about why the shift from UserInsight to InsightUBA.

During the past 18-24 months, the security industry has shifted dramatically. We all talk about ‘detection rather than prevention' and vendors are continuously shouting about their ability to provide visibility (reminder: post a RSA buzzword bingo card). Visibility is, of course, important. You need to see what is going on in your network, but it's more than simply noticing activity. Security teams are looking for solutions that help amplify their own intuitions, perceptions, comprehension, and yes, wisdom. Insight is more than visibility, and it is now at the core of our Incident Detection & Response (IDR) solutions.

We've Built a Better Engine: Rapid7 Insight Platform

During my interviews at Rapid7, I kept hearing hints about an upcoming ‘platform announcement', and even got some details. The concept of a platform can sometimes be difficult to message externally, and honestly, I think of it more as an engine that provides some key capabilities to our family of products. For example, any Rapid7 product that is powered by the Insight Platform can easily leverage our analytics offerings or, now, Logentries' log centralization and proprietary search technology (you may remember this as a key acquisition last October).

And if Insight is the engine, then it best also be the leading part of the product name, followed by what it does best, User Behavior Analytics. And thus: InsightUBA!

Boom! And imagine, this is only my first Rapid7 blog post! [Editor's note: expect a lot of “Boom!”]

InsightUBA (fka UserInsight) customers should expect to see more details, if you haven't already, about the exciting changes to their solution, way beyond simply a new name.